Ripple Vs Bitcoin – Buying crypto with this  Exchange

Ripple Vs Bitcoin – Buying crypto with this  Exchange?

If you are buying Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, you can buy them with cash. However, if you buy a digital currency like Ripple, that’s not possible. You have to use Bitcoin or another approved cryptocurrency to buy it on an exchange. Are you familiar with Forex? If not, think foreign currencies.

When you exchange foreign currencies, it matters how much you get of course. How much you get for your money has everything to do with which currency you use at the time. Most people are always using the currency from their home country, and so they don’t think about this. Yet when you start Purchasing cryptocurrency, you are buying an asset that is widely available on a global level.

Now let me explain this another way. You want to buy some Ripple. So you go to an exchange, and you see that Ripple is selling for 55 cents a coin. That price is going to be the same no matter what currency you use. Yet Bitcoin and other digital currencies are moving up and down much faster than a US dollar.

Therefore, if you buy Ripple on a day that BTC is down, you’re not going to get as much XRP. If you buy Ripple on a day that Bitcoin is up, you’re going to get more XRP. You will see a quote for Ripple vs Bitcoin or XRP vs BTC. And you will see quotes for other digital currencies, too, against Ripple.

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In fact, you will see them quoted as currency pairs. If you have another coin that is up for the day, and you can exchange it for Ripple, you get more for your money. It helps to have a Forex education in order to maximize your potential when investing in digital currencies. That way you know more about exchanges.

You might want to skip the Forex market and go straight to digital currencies. Yet foreign currencies have always been available on an exchange, and people just don’t know the ins and outs much. Getting to know the exchange for currencies you’re already familiar with will help you when it comes to Ripple vs Bitcoin.

Getting to know both Forex and digital currencies is one thing I’m doing right now. I’m trying to take it slow and be patient. is a site that has been helping me with my crypto journeyYou have to make measured moves, just like with any other investment. If you think Ripple is a good investment, buy some with Bitcoin.

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